About Omashu SubSearch

SubSearch is a platform where people can search subtitles of their favorite shows and find relevant images. Want to know how many times someone mentions juice in Avatar? Or trying to find that line from your favorite episode? Worry no more, we have the answer!

How did this start?

One day, a project founder was walking through their local Target and noticed that The First 100 Episodes of SpongeBob were on sale for $20. After ripping the episodes to their computer, they noticed that the closed captions were included in text format on the DVDs. So, they decided to build a search engine for the show! From there, we've expanded to a few more shows!

The Shows

Currently, we only have the following shows, but may add more in the future!

Isn't this similar to Frinkiac/Morbotron/MasterOfAllScience?

Why yes, yes it is. One of our friends told us about Frinkiac while we were working on the site, and we were pretty excited! Tools like these should exist for the shows we love. Those sites do a phenomenal job searching The Simpsons, Futurama, and Rick and Morty, and we may incorporate some of their ideas in the future. We wanted some experience building a site like that on our own, and share some of our favorite shows with the world!

Future Features

This is just a side project for now, so new features will show up when we have time. Here are some of the things we want to work on. If you have any additional ideas, feel free to reach out!


Feel free to reach out via email ([email protected]) or on our subreddit (/r/subsearchapp) with any questions, comments, feature suggestions, bugs, or more!


The primary purpose of this website is to aid in the creation of memes and reaction posts. The secondary purpose is entertainment and analysis. All shows are obtained legally, and SubSearch does not condone piracy.

Now get back to searching!